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Types of Collateral Used for Bail in Bay County, Florida

May 22, 2020


 Types of Collateral Used for Bail in Bay County, Florida


If you or a loved one is arrested and charged with a serious crime, such as drug, assault, or DUI, this will result in a large bail amount. When you call on a bail bondsman for a bond, they will ask specific questions that determine whether or not the caller qualifies to see what would be needed to take the risk of bailing the defendant out. 

In some cases, when the crime is serious enough, family or friends of the defendant may have to pledge collateral for the person’s release. There are several different types of collateral that you can use for a bail bond. 

Real Estate or Property

The most common type of collateral used for large bail bonds is a contingency mortgage agreement on real estate or property. The only time a bail bonds agency will take action on the owner’s property is if the defendant does not show up to their court date and is not found within 60 days.

Vehicle Title

Another common type of collateral used for bail is a vehicle title. This includes all Florida registered vehicles, boats, RV’s, mobile homes, utility trailers, etc. The bail bond agent will have a power of attorney over the title and will hold the title until the resolution of the court case and release of the bond.

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