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Why Was My Bail Bond Revoked in Bay County, Florida?

May 22, 2020


 Why Was My Bail Bond Revoked in Bay County, Florida?


Understanding the Florida court process of revoking bail bonds can be difficult. There are several factors that can cause this to happen while you or a loved one is out on bond that will put your freedom at risk.

The most common way for a defendant’s bail to be revoked by the court is for committing a new an additional crime while already out on a former bond. When the State attorney motions to the judge handling your case to revoke the bail or bond, keep in mind that this has nothing to do with the bail bondsman.

A revoke bond order can be initiated if the defendant fails to follow the orders of the judge, or fails to follow the conditions of release. A revoke bond will come as a judge’s order which is sent to the Sheriff’s office and will be executed as a warrant by law enforcement.

When it comes to revoking bail in Florida, the Federal and State courts both have different procedures. In Federal court, the Bail Reform Act of 1984 controls the process. If a defendant gets arrested for a crime while already out on bail, there’s a perceived notion that no conditions of release will keep the person from continuing to break the law. The defendant is given an opportunity to contradict or overcome the presumption. However, ultimately it’s up to the judge to consider whether to completely revoke bail or to impose new or additional conditions of release.

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